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The default lightbox will expire after 14 days if it is not used, if you want to save a lightbox for longer please click the Save lightbox button and give it a name. If you already have saved lightboxes you can add these to one of them or replace the existing lightbox. If the lightbox you are viewing above is not the default then you can also copy this back to the default lightbox. The “Add to lightbox” button always puts pictures in the default lightbox.

Send lightbox will save this lightbox to the server and generate a link that you can then paste into an email. The link cannot be associated with you but is not necessarily private. Old links will occasionally be deleted so don’t use them as permanent storage, they should remain available for at least one month. Sent lightboxes will open in a normal search window, not the lightbox window and there is a practical limit of 130 pictures, more may work in some browsers, but not all.

Lightboxes are stored in cookies on your computer. If you delete your cookies, or your browser is set so that it does not save them when closed, then they will not be available for future viewing. No personal or private information is exchanged or stored.

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